My dad hates it.  He says that me having white hair makes him feel old. I don’t point out that he is old.

Men won’t find it attractive, friends warn,

So why have I let my hair go white?

Because I figure that if people/men don’t like it, then they are not for me,

because it’s cheaper and easier than having it coloured,

because it means I’m not putting toxic chemicals on my body or into the water supply,

because my hair feels healthier than it has in years,

because I am 55 and not scared of saying so out loud (well, maybe just a little, on a bad day, with some people, sometimes),

because my mum and her mum had the most glorious white hair which I loved it I like to feel connected to them,

because they remind me that I have lived a life, that I have experience, that I wasn’t just born yesterday and don’t have to put up with shit I would have put up with before turning white,

because it feels vaguely witchy and I love that,

because I like that fact that I feel like I am in some small way standing up against the consumer pressure to look young,

because it feels like a feminist act, to refuse to be other than I am, refuse to fake it,


because I like it.

Will I ever colour my hair again?


but for now,

it stays.



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