I don’t know if any of you remember the pandemic?

I don’t mean the fact that it happened,

but how life changed

how you felt when the cars stopped,

when the birds could be heard,

when the air quality improved

when we missed loved ones

and hugs

and smile.

That visceral feeling of what it was like in the first lock down it hard to conjure,

but I wrote blogs at the time and could feel something fundamentally changing in me.

In June 2020 wrote about how I felt I was being ‘reborn’ in some way, but didn’t know how or into what.

In September 2020, things had started to shift.


Now, 2 years on, life has changed completely:

  • I’m single again
  • I have changed my work 100%
  • My house/ home is evolving
  • I’m involved much more in the local community
  • What matters to me has changed.

So the next few blogs are about those changes and how they happened.

I want to capture it for myself, to acknowledge it all,

but also share it with you to see what you have changed and what you might want to change.

So often, we think we are out of control of our lives and that it is down to governments to make changes for us.

I just don’t find that to be true,

I think it is the belief that we can’t change

that holds us back,

the reality is different.

So that’s what I’ll be sharing.


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