Why don’t you unsubscribe from this blog if you get it via email?

Honestly.  I don’t mind if you do.

All you do is scroll down to the ‘unsubscribe’ link and click on it.unsubscribe




Then you will go through to a page which looks like this and you just click ‘unsubscribe’ and the job is done.








I’m just in the process of doing the same with some of the emails I have subscribed to in the past.  The thing is, they were interesting at the time and I read them at first, but now I just delete them without even reading or opening them.

And that’s OK.  It doesn’t mean I’m not grateful to the bloggers and emailers for the information and inspiration I have gleaned from them, it’s just that it’s not what I need right now.

My time is finite and life is busy and an inbox full of emails makes me heart rate rise and I notice that I get a sense of ‘what might i be missing out on’ as I delete away.

The thing is we get familiar with what we know, whether it is emails, work, relationships, where we live.  We know what we know and so it is hard to let go, even if we have outgrown it.  So we stay because we are not sure what will fill the void.

What if there isn’t another job?  What if there is no where else I can live as happily in the world?  What if I never meet anyone again?  Thoughts of fear and lack I know well.

‘What if I never ever get another email I want to sign up for’; a thought no one has ever had; it is laughable; but arguably no more so than the sentences above.

Life is huge, magnificent, full of endless possibility.  There is so much to explore and learn about and see but we need to make space for it.

Sometimes we need to unsubscribe.  We need to say; ‘Thanks, but no thanks, this doesn’t fit the person I am anymore.  I appreciate all that we have shared but now it is time for me to move on’.

So, go on, hit unsubscribe if I’m no longer for you.  I won’t be offended.  I’ll celebrate your growing and changing and if I have been any part of that I’m glad.

I’ve changed too.  When I first started writing these blogs they were on one thing and now they are another.  I used to ask questions, now I don’t.  I used to use lots of bullet points; now I don’t.  I used to have nice tidy conclusions and now I don’t.

Unsubscribe from me and all the other things which you have outgrown, which no longer serve and inspire and excite you.  Make room for the new.

Or don’t.

But stay because you want to stay, because there is something here for you which feeds some part of you, connects with something in you.  Don’t stay through habit.

And if you stay, I’ll be here, doing my thing, which is changing all the time into who knows what and it will be my pleasure to be part of your life for a while longer.

And if you stay and like it here and think other people might, then invite them over.  A friend of mine moved from London to Frome this year and already other friends from London are moving to join her so good is life there.

I like word of mouth recommendations; it feels like I am being passed from one safe pair of hands to another.  Most of my work comes through referrals so please pass on my emails or my details to anyone you feel would benefit.

Because life is full of choices and the doing nothing and having an inbox full of things we no longer need is just as much of a choice as hitting unsubscribe, or staying because we fit and connect and you like it here.

What will you chose?

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Thanks for being here.