Minus 5 degrees.

The Beast from the East.

We are feeding the birds in the snow.

It is a pleasure to watch them as we are eating.

We are lucky humans.  We have enough to eat and we are warm.  Not all humans are so lucky.

Nor all birds.

I have brought bird seed so there is enough for them all.enough

But they don’t know that there is enough so they are fighting.

They fight to protect ‘their’ seed.

They waste so much time fighting each other away from the seed that they don’t have time to eat it.

One flies in and pecks then, another other flies in and chases it away.

Even though there is enough room for them all.

Even though there is enough seed for them all.

So they make themselves short of food, because they are so scared there won’t be enough that they are so busy fighting that they don’t take what they need, so then they feel the lack, so then they fight harder as they perceive scarcity.

They fear the lack of seed even though there is no lack; I have bought enough.  There is more where that came from.

Maybe I am making this up; anthropomorphising, projecting.

Or maybe we humans are more like these birds than we think.

We spend so much time believing that there isn’t enough for us all and fighting for ‘our fair share’ that we fail to see that if we just take what we need, there would be enough for us all.


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