So that was Christmas, and  as Mr Lennon asked, ‘What have you done? Another year over and a new one just begun’ and before we rush into the New Year with all our resolutions about what we’re going to do, and be and achieve in 2013, I’m inviting you to stop and reflect on 2012. It’s so easy to keep setting ourselves more and more goals, writing ‘to do’ lists and working on ourselves, careers, lives but how often do we look back?

January is named after the Roman God Janus and it is no accident that he is looking forward as well as back, a year is ending as well as a new one beginning.

When I meet my coaching friend this week I am going to do a Life Coaching exercise with her which you might like to try yourself. You can do this on your own but it’s much more fun to do it with someone who can witness your year quietly.

Find a space, I use my kitchen, and decide which end is January 1st 2012 and which end of the room is December 31 2012.  Go and stand down where January 1st is and take a walk through your year, stopping at dates and times which have been significant for you.

My year started off unpleasantly so when I do this exercise on Wednesday I will acknowledge the pain and fear that I felt, but I will also pay attention to the personal qualities I used which brought me through it. I will celebrate the people who were there to support me and I will notice the opportunities that came with that time nearly a year ago.  There have also been some amazing times for me this year and I will really celebrate them.

So as you walk up the invisible line which represents your year, don’t judge the significant events that you want to pay attention to, just really appreciate yourself, the people who were a helpful influence on you and the opportunities that this year brought.  Look for the positive in every situation, what you have learned, what you have to be grateful for and you will always find it. These positive threads which you see in the year that is closing will carry you forward into the new year.

Spider web
Threads connecting one moment to the next

Once you reach December 31st, pause and reflect on what strengths, skills and relationships have nurtured you this year and then, and only then turn to look forward to January 1st 2013, knowing that it will be just as eventful, and that what you learned in 2012 will serve you well in 2013.

Happy New Year to you all …may it be a good one.






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