I hope your 2019 has started well.

Mine started, in a circle with a bunch of amazing people where we were invited to share what we knew about positive developments and innovations for the future.

One person told us about a 15 year old called Greta Thunberg and another person told us about Earth Strike.

Both Greta and Earth Strike provide simple, direct, empowering ways of bringing attention to the climate crisis and as a coach, a mother, a teacher and a human being who cares about the planet I really want to spread the word and champion their causes.

I’ve written a blog for Psychologies Magazine here which explains more so please click through to read it and find out more about how we can all get involved in simple and direct way to make a difference. Then share it.

Before Christmas I did write a couple of blogs but didn’t send them out as they didn’t seem very festive.  One was about ‘Seduction’ and the harm I think it does us and the other was me struggling and grappling with questions about everything from relationships to our social values. Neither were the usual festive read which is why I’m only sending them out now!

But the information I have written about on Psychologies Magazine’s site is so practical, hopeful, inspiring, empowering, simple, direct, authentic and courageous that it really is a great way to start the year.  Greta aged 15 from Sweden is my inspirational role model for 2019 and, I suspect, beyond and Earth Strike is something which I am going to support.

Please read more here if you haven’t already and join me is supporting them and making a difference to the climate crisis.

Thank you also Rebecca Winn for sharing the word about Into the Woods by blogging about it here.


If you enjoyed reading this please share it with friends. You might also be interested in talking to me about coaching , or maybe try some of my online courses (some are free), or treat yourself to a climate protecting pamper with vegan friendly, organic Tropic which supports the planting of forests and education in deprived areas.
Thanks for being here.