Responsible (response-able)

The last blog was all about power, control and responsibility.

Which then got me thinking about that word ‘responsible’

Response able

Able to respond.

Doh…I’d not thought of it like that before.

  • So what does ‘being able to respond’ mean to you?

Able to respond to someone else.

Responding to someone else is different from … Read more

From Love to Fear and back again

The last blog I wrote was about a cuscus and a giant rat and fear and at the end of that blog I concluded that the opposite to fear was not courage but love.  I argued that love was possible when we move through 5 stages:

  1. Awareness first to assess whether harm is intended or
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Weird Mum

At last summer has come. I’m sitting in the garden and it’s still light and warm as I write this at 10pm – hooray!

My eldest son is, I think just entering Tweendom, which, if you google, means that he’s in a strange pre-teen phase which seems to have involved hourly strops, tears and bossiness … Read more

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