‘No’ – Speaking our Truth to Power.

Threat of War

At the start of the new term I was listening to the sixth form talking about World War Three. My own kids talked about it after the attack by the USA.

I remember being scared as a child during the Cold War.  The leaflets arrived in our house telling us that in … Read more

Language, power and the holocaust

I’ve just come back from a school trip to Krakow to learn more about the history of what happened in Poland under the Third Reich.  So much has stayed with me, but one of the more subtle things is the way that language played a part.

It is well documented that the Nazi machine reduced … Read more

You have a choice

The kids and I have just been watching the nature series on the BBC about Thailand which focuses on the link between humans, spirituality as well as nature.  We were watching a woman wading through lotus fields when youngest son asked why the lotus is part of Buddhism.

The commentary explained it as; ‘out of … Read more

Responsible (response-able)

The last blog was all about power, control and responsibility.

Which then got me thinking about that word ‘responsible’

Response able

Able to respond.

Doh…I’d not thought of it like that before.

  • So what does ‘being able to respond’ mean to you?

Able to respond to someone else.

Responding to someone else is different from … Read more

Responsibility, control and power

  • What do ‘power’, ‘control’ and ‘responsibility’ look like to you?

I’ve been watching my kids and the people around me, as well as myself, and wondering what the relationship is between these words.  I started off looking at it from a family perspective and then got to thinking about it at work and it strikes … Read more

The F word

Before I start into, what I feel quite scared about writing, I want to state my position clearly.  I do not hate men.  I do not think men are bad.  I like men.  I have a lot of male friends who I trust and like.  My children are boys.  I have male partner.

And I … Read more

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