Are you productive?

I’m sitting outside, writing this for the first time this ‘summer’ and feeling productive. Except that politically, I’m not being productive as what I write in this blog won’t earn me money…so it doesn’t really count as being productive.

I listened to Radio 4 interviewing one of the new members of government talking about how … Read more

Inherited Unintentional Untruths

Yesterday the kids and I went to a local event by a canal.  As we approached the entrance, we spotted blackberries and guzzled.

We rarely make blackberry crumble or blackberry pie as we’re an ‘eat as you go’ kind of family so we end up with sticky fingers and blackish tongues – but nothing in … Read more

Accepting What Is

You’re not going to believe this; but I’m at home again with Youngest Son whose arm has healed magnificently, but who came home from school yesterday covered in chicken pox.  He’s sitting plonking away at the piano as I write. he’s OK in himself, he’s just covered in little blisters and is highly contagious so … Read more

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