Eating my words: epic fail on the raising teenage boy front

So there I was …writing about the eclipse and how we need to be giving our young people the opportunity for direct learning in schools and now I’m eating humble pie…again.

Friday night found us in the village hall playing bingo with lots of other families to raise money for the community playground which is … Read more

Truth in Turkey

I actually still feel rested after our late arrival back from Turkey last week in spite of being back to early mornings and children who don’t want to be out of bed in time for school.  The 16  loads of washing (OK, I exaggerate; but only slightly) are done and the cases are stored under … Read more

Community Living

After I got back from Family Fortnight at Holistic Holiday Center Kalikalos in Greece.

We had a fantastic time living and working and learning with interesting people. Dr Ellen Storm has written a great blog describing the experience. Have a read of Ellen Storm‘s blog to find out more.

When we’re in Greece, everything … Read more

‘Fear is the mind killer..’ (and how we scare ourselves)

Youngest son asked me to write this one…about the praying mantis….seen above.

Youngest son and Praying Mantis have spent a long moments of intimate contact together on the beach since we’ve been here.  I don’t know if it’s the same Mantis we’ve met twice, or two different ones, but both are big friends with Youngest.… Read more

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