I’m no hero

I wrote a blog the other day about how the ‘hero’ narrative was bothering me and here’s a reply I had from an ex-service man.

“I served in the RAF for 25 years and that included fighting  in a war.

Please don’t call me a hero. I understand that you want to say thank you … Read more


Our heroes

James Bond, Jason Bourne, Thor, Odysseus.  We love heroes, all cultures do.  Jung talked about the collective unconscious, a unifying network across time and space where certain archetypes are ubiquitous and the hero is one of them.

Joseph Campbell identified the stages of the hero’s journey; the call to adventure, the quest; overcoming … Read more

Everyday Heroes

I’m so lucky; my life is filled with everyday heroes.

I work with people who every day make a positive difference to other people’s lives, and some days, save lives, just by noticing and caring.

I know people who are heroic in just living with the situations they have going on, when every day is … Read more

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