I’ve been feeling such guilt…

My guilt

I’ve been feeling such guilt.  I’m not doing anything wrong.  I’m staying home, social distancing, not shopping often, I’m not doing anything bad.

I’m just not doing anything useful.

My sister is in the NHS and really is in the thick of it and I see agricultural workers around here doing their bit … Read more

The end of the primary school years

You know that feeling, where you wake up and for a split second the world is as it has always been, and then it descends with a weight; the knowledge that something significant has ended and that life will never be the same again.

Have you had that feeling?

I’ve had it before in my … Read more

Parents and Protection

We went away over half term to meet with our friends as we often do.  But this time one family was not there.  The  primary-school-aged daughter had broken her leg very badly whilst ice skating.  Her femur snapped and fractured and she was in hospital for a number of days until she gained mobility.  My
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