Playing Big and Taking Fear Along For The Ride

Over Christmas I read a great book by Tara Mohr called Playing Big .  It’s subtitle is: ‘A practical guide for brilliant women like you’.

In the book she points out how women play small:

  1. We use words like ‘just’ which has the effect of minimising what are going to do. I do this on
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We were talking about anger the other night, a group of us; men and women.  On the whole we concluded that anger is a tough emotion to know how to deal with.

P and I fall out about anger…often.  My anger goes up like a firework, makes a lot of crackles and then fades just … Read more

From Love to Fear and back again

The last blog I wrote was about a cuscus and a giant rat and fear and at the end of that blog I concluded that the opposite to fear was not courage but love.  I argued that love was possible when we move through 5 stages:

  1. Awareness first to assess whether harm is intended or
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The other Saturday night we watched Lost Land of the Volcano on BBC which showed Steve Backshall, Gordon Buchanan, a giant rat (as big as a cat) and a cuscus (a tree climbing marsupial)l in a crater of an extinct volcano in New Guinea.

The cuscus was first ever seen on camera by Buchanan and … Read more

‘Fear is the mind killer..’ (and how we scare ourselves)

Youngest son asked me to write this one…about the praying mantis….seen above.

Youngest son and Praying Mantis have spent a long moments of intimate contact together on the beach since we’ve been here.  I don’t know if it’s the same Mantis we’ve met twice, or two different ones, but both are big friends with Youngest.… Read more

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