I’m confused – Lock down – open up – back to normal – but it’s not normal

I’m confused.

Lock down in a way was simple. Stay in. Stay put. Stay home.


In England this, in Wales that, Ireland and Scotland have another.  Living on the border has never felt so confusing.

2 meters, 1 meter, but not in schools because then we can’t fit all the children in and we … Read more

roller-coaster corona-coaster

Roller-coaster/ Corona- coaster: the ups and downs of emotions caused by covid-19.

Oh yes.

Intense loneliness even though I live with people.

Exhaustion when I have done nothing.

Fuzzy thinking.

Seeing things much more clearly.

Old grief emerging.




Lack of joy.


More creativity, less creativity.




I think … Read more

Creating Communities that Care through Covid-19

Schools will close

So..by the time you read this the decision may have been made, if not I strongly predict that schools will be closed by the end of the week and that we will be in ‘lock down’ and told to ‘socially distance’.  Already, many corporates have had their employees working from home and … Read more

Covid-19 – Think For Yourself

Milgram’s famous study of obedience found that 65% of people would kill another person, knowingly, if someone who they thought had higher status than them, told them to.  You can watch the full documentary of his research here.  He coined the term ‘agentic control’.  Every year when I teach this to my A level … Read more

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