The art of not knowing – Beginners Mind

When I did my coach training at Barefoot Coaching, one the key points Kim Morgan the CEO made, was that as coaches we needed to develop the ability to stay with not knowing.  When we can stay ‘not knowing’ then we can be curious about the client and what will evolve.  If we ‘know’ then … Read more

Snow – Accepting what is

Yesterday was our second snow day.  My school and each of the boy’s schools are closed due to snow.  Eldest son was sent home from school early on Friday as the buses didn’t want to be out and about and I had already cancelled what I was doing that afternoon after skidding out onto a … Read more

Suffering, wisdom and compassion

A couple of people got in touch after the last blog wondering how and if they should tell their story.  These on one hand are normal people, raising families, going to work, living life; nothing special.  On the other hand, these are people who have really lived through some hard stuff and come out the … Read more

Truth in Turkey

I actually still feel rested after our late arrival back from Turkey last week in spite of being back to early mornings and children who don’t want to be out of bed in time for school.  The 16  loads of washing (OK, I exaggerate; but only slightly) are done and the cases are stored under … Read more

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