Truth in Turkey

I actually still feel rested after our late arrival back from Turkey last week in spite of being back to early mornings and children who don’t want to be out of bed in time for school.  The 16  loads of washing (OK, I exaggerate; but only slightly) are done and the cases are stored under … Read more

Boundaries – part 2 – How to…

Morning everyone on this bright, hot and sunny bank holiday weekend (now there’s a sentence you don’t often read about England!).

Last time I wrote about boundaries and pushing back against the lovely horse Aine.  Since writing that I’ve realised I haven’t actually said ‘how’ to set boundaries with humans rather than horses!  Setting boundaries … Read more


Evening all and I hope you survived or avoided the down-pour we had last night (there was even snow on the hills – this is mid May- what happened to spring???).

If you get the news letter you’d have heard me raving on about my lovely friend Liz and her horses.  I’m ‘renting’ the horse … Read more

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