Balance your life better

You know those things that record producers use; is it equalisers?  The thingy that gets the balance right?  (You can tell I’ve spent a lot of time hanging round in recording studios with famous artists can’t you? No? OK, well, in reality, 2 days in a hired recording studio with a boyfriend’s band in my … Read more

Do Be Do


Sounds like it should be a refrain to a song.  It is in fact the refrain to our lives; are we human beings or human doings.

In our society we are judged by what we do, what we achieve and what we accomplish.  When we were young we were praised for the things that … Read more


It’s been a weird few weeks.

I saw my coach 2 weeks ago and had nothing really to say…it was all good.  When I saw her this week I was perplexed.

I seem to have  lost my drive.

I’m really happy to come home and hang out with the family.  I’m enjoying having time to … Read more

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