When I became a mother,

I only had two,

I have been lucky to watch these babies grow, and stretch, and fill into

the young men they are becoming.


Their swelling, ripening,

shakes me off.


I am being phased out,

of the day-to-day mothering

which has been so consuming.


I feel a sadness,

a sorrow,

redundancy impending.


So what now?


Wait for them to call?

Wait them to pop round and see their old mum?


I don’t think so.

For I was mistaken by the two.


My roots are deep; strong enough to reach wide

to find the places in the world that need mothering.


There are projects, people, plants to grow,

seeds to nurture,

buds to tend to

that are part of my wider family,

and world.


Thank you to Jon Lydon for another beautiful photo