So..I’m pondering making a change in my life at the moment and I’ve done the Energy Life Map and drawn lists of strengths and weaknesses and listened to what my heart say and my heart is very clear on what it wants..which typically in direct opposition to my head.

So I went for a walk, and a talk, except this time, I didn’t talk to another person, I asked nature.

The Trees

I asked the trees what I should do and they told me this:

Cutting back is good, we like to be pruned because it helps us grow stronger. But don’t cut us back too hard or you will kill us (although frankly you’d have to be really brutal as we’re pretty resilient).  Even if you cut one of our branches off and wish you hadn’t, we have other branches to offer you shade and fruit so don’t worry so much, OK things might be a little lopsided for a while, but you’ll adjust.

I asked the trees and the river

The River

Then I asked the river who told me:

Go with the flow. Do what’s easiest.  You might think you can go against the flow, but you can’t because I only flow in one direction and that is to expansion at the sea.  If you meet an obstacle, go round it. Take the path of least resistance.  Don’t try to hem me in or send me through something that is too narrow for me as I will just burst my banks and flood where I want to go.  Far better to give me space and let me rise and fall as I please, without causing damage.

The Birds

Then I asked the birds and they told me:

Stop flapping so much.  Find the thermals and glide. Let the wind take you. Save your energy.  Moving on is what we do, Summer here then we move on.  Movement is living and leaving one thing for another is not a sign that you don’t like just means it’s time to move.  We move from here to Africa, we need both places and the journey. We don’t like to be still.  Use your inner guidance.  We find our way across continents without a map, we have the navigation we need built in and so do you if you pay attention.

The Sky

Then I asked the sky which told me:

It doesn’t matter. I am so vast, you are so small, your concerns are specks of dust in comparison to my expansion.  From a higher perspective all is as it should be because you are where you are.  I am benevolently indifferent, do this, do that, change this, change matters not to me because all of it is life

And then I knew what to do.  The best advice I could have had.

Try it next time you need some advice, and see what they say!



P.S. or if this is too woowoo for you..then I have put together a list of 5 conditions you need in order to decide (especially if your decision affects other people)

P.P.S  I’ve changed the website around a bit…what do you think of it?

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