For over 2 years now I’ve been looking for a venue and a way to run holidays where people could connect with each other, learn things which would make a positive difference to their everyday life and where the kids can have fun too.

  • If you could have your perfect family holiday where everyone got their needs met, what would it be?

Susan and I spent hour researching, emailing an Skype calling venues that we thought would work, and so many of them were lovely but didn’t fit what we thought we wanted.

Alternative family holidays
Relaxing in Angel Gardens

We went to a beautiful retreat in Turkey which would have been perfect for meditation, relaxation and personal development…but it didn’t work for my kids because there was no where to play football and it didn’t work for partner because he couldn’t walk to a shop or bar!  Susan and I also learned that we couldn’t do what we thought we could do (I blogged about it in Truth in Turkey)

alternative family holidays
What would you ask?

Then we went to Croatia which was cheap, fun to get to and had a really safe beach.  But the wasps drove us crazy, there was a steep hill to down to the beach which was a tough climb back up at the end of a day and again, no football area and only one small bar with no shops.

alternative family holidays
Agistri retreat centre

Then at Easter we went to a retreat center on Agistri recommended by a Tracy Seed who runs a lot of her courses there.  The place was beautiful.  White cottages sitting over looking the sea.  A rocky private cove to swim in and lots of shaded areas to recline serenely in. It worked for partner because it had great wifi and we could all walk to bars and shops…but the accommodation – you guessed it…didn’t work for my kids.

alternative family holidays
Beautiful retreat center
  • What are you searching for at the moment?
  • Is there anything or anyone right under your nose that provides what you are looking for?

So I gave up the idea of running alternative family holidays with and we ended up going to Agistri and staying at the AlterEgo cafe just on a family holiday.  One friend came with her grandson and then another friend rang up just a couple of weeks before we went and ended up joining us with her son.

alternative family holidays

And as I was sitting there, watching 4 boys in the pool aged between 6 and 15, I realised I had found my alternative family holiday venue because it worked for our families.

There is a pool at the AlterEgo and within 5 minutes walk: a sports area, a play ground, bars, cafes, a bakery, 3 shops, sea which is shallow and safe, sandy beaches, bike hire. Hooray.

I asked Katerina (who I wrote about in What Makes a Good Team) about running courses at her place and she said ‘Yes’ -Hooray.

So…we’re off.

If you fancy a holiday in the sun where you get to connect with like minded people, where you learn and experience things which will help you build a better life and more fulfilling relationships and which works for all of your family then check out the link here.

It would be fun to see you in the sun in 2016!

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