My son wrote this poem at the end of his first day at secondary school and it so sums up how I feel too….I love it!

School is Here


School is here, you can tell.


The grudginess from within is brought to our unstable souls as well,

One second you can be at the peak of happiness, riding the sun,

People stabbing you with knives full of sorrow and pain but you can’t feel it,

No, the happiness washes it away like us reading a word as if it were nothing.


But then suddenly, summer is over and you are back at school,

And all that happiness is just washed away as if it were a stain waiting to disappear,

The energy of the people around you is sucked into a black hole where it shall never be seen again,

All the effort we store in our batteries is all lost when writing addition sums into a book.


The trees green leaves full of joy and colour grown old and drop,

Almost as if the tree is crying away good memories to make space for new ones when summer returns,

The happiness which was once alive and keen is no more,

Replaced by greyness and low spirit.


But where does the happiness go?

Will we ever in all of time find this out?

Does the happiness even go anywhere?

Is the sorrow just an illusion clouding our thoughts?

Or does happiness disappear into the blackness of infinity, lighting up the stars to remind us that it is still there?

Nobody knows.


Even if the happiness is still there,

Something of our humanity disappears.

School is here,

You can tell.

Ben Navarro Leoni


What do you think..I’ll pass comments on to him 🙂

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