First the tibia,


not mine.

The horror of waiting in pain

of watching it pale and bleach his skin to blue.



My growl  to keep him safe

my voice

to advocate

so he is not just another patient

to be processed by staff

doing their best

under-water with overwhelm themselves.



safe ward



at last respite,

not complete,

but some relief.



the rest of life piles in

his school

my work


house keeping



I feel another break approaching

I have been to that edge before

the edge where I tried to do it all so fell crumbled on the floor.


This time

I see it coming

feel my heart pounding

my anxiety sweating

my attention battling.


This time

I lay down the fight of pushing through, doing it all, toughing it out.

I let things float away.

I ask for help.

I cut back.

We shut down and in,

locked down again



This time

I don’t break

I relinquish doing it all

and do what matters most

caring for him



For if I fall apart

so does he

the curse and blessing of the single parent

total responsibility.


Together we re-focus on what matters.


we heal.







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