This week I had a chance to talk to Sami Blackford who I first met at a Red Tent I ran a few years ago.  She told us her story, of how she had acne as a teenager and how nothing worked to clear it up.  I had also had awful skin at that age.  It kept me away from parties and socialising and I hated it.  My response was to withdraw and hide. Sami’s was to set about making her own skincare products, learning about plants and herbs from old books, on her kitchen.

In this podcast episode Sami shares her journey from there to a field of organic plants and an ethical business run intuitively, led her values and her passion.

(Ps…I’ve met her in the flesh…her skin is perfect!)

You can find out more about Sami and Freyaluna here:

You can listen to the Podcast by clicking here or below:

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