Endorphins are the chemicals which our own body produce which make us feel good.  They act like natural opiods in our own body to release stress and reduce pain and to boost pleasure and well-being.  These are the drugs which keep us addicted to our phones (the ‘hit’ we get from a text gives us an endorphin buzz), give us crazy energy when we first fall in love and allows us to dissolve into bliss during sex.  Powerful, home-produced subtances; if we can produce them.

I worked with Lin and when we first met, I was curious about her endless, Tiggerish, energy and enthusiasm; this is not my natural energy field and part of me was suspicious of it; was she in denial, was she being too optimistic, was it all a front for a taudry life of alcohol and chocolate?

No.  It was for real and as I have got to know Lin more I’ve seen whilst some of it may be down to nature and genes, and who knows how much of that comes into play, but what is certain, is that Lin takes responsibility for her own good feelings.

In short, she does what makes her feel good and in doing what makes her feel good, she spreads that happiness to others as well. All of it is what have heard before; excercise, friends, family and community, being outside, being grateful, being of service, having a belief is something larger than you.  We all know this stuff, but very few of us live it daily with the energy and intention that Lin does.  She is a triathlete, a singer, a mountain biker, walker, and isn’t slowing down at all at 66.

It isn’t just what she does, it is what she thinks.  She had an operation on her ankle and has used it as a chance to cycle more.  She couldn’t swim during covid so used it as a chance to create her own mini-training pool.  Even the death of her much beloved brother and mother has led her to joy and celebration of their lives and a deeper commitment to live her life vibrantly for the good of all.  She chooses her responses, selects her thoughts, decides that she will turn life’s shit into manure to help things grow.

It is an honour to know Lin and I hope you find her an inspiration as well.  You can listen here or below.

This is the charity that Lin supports if you want to donate: https://www.lingendavies.co.uk/

Here are a couple of the people Lin sings with:




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