What a scramble to the end of term and the end of 2022.  Schools in Wales didn’t break up until the 21st or 23rd December and so it really felt like we were all staggering to the finish line of one race and then falling into Christmas.

It was made worse by the fact that my new second-hand car, which was I bought because my old gear box broke, then had gear trouble itself.  It is being dealt with by the garage concerned, but felt like just one more thing as we navigated carparks for last minute Christmas food.

To top it all, I had a scary reaction to my covid booster which I had put off having after friends had serious, and in one case, life threatening reactions. I was fine for the first few days then my heart was pounding, my breath was short and I felt, knee droppingly exhausted, dizzy and faint.  111 told me to go to A and E where I waited from 930pm until 630 pm to be told the blood tests hadn’t found any clots.  The doctor did follow up tests, ECGs and blood tests to again come back negative, but the symptoms carried on for another few days.

I’m sort of surfacing now but feeling like I have lost 10 days and am still quaking from the fact that at points, I felt like I was losing my health. Maybe more of that another day.

So I just haven’t had it in me to write a Christmas blog and feel blankly short of anything much to say.  Luckily my younger self can help.  I’ve been blogging here since 2012 and so I scrolled back through the past to see what I had to say and share from the past.  There might be some here which resonate for you now so dip in to what suits.

In 2012 I was thinking about family relationships at Christmas. https://www.julieleoni.com/blog/relationships-and-family/happy-dysfunctional-christmas/  and in 2013 I focused on gratitude: https://www.julieleoni.com/blog/relationships-and-family/gratitude/

2014 saw a reflection on rituals https://www.julieleoni.com/blog/thinking-differently/rituals/  and 2015 looked at endings and new beginnings. https://www.julieleoni.com/blog/endings/another-year-new-year-just-begun/

2016 in invented a coaching life mapping tool to help think about what to do more and less of in the coming year https://www.julieleoni.com/blog/thinking-differently/energy-life-map-boost-your-energy-for-2016/ .  Then  in 2017 I wrote about acceptance and the four noble truths of Buddhism https://www.julieleoni.com/blog/be-here-now/snow-accepting-what-is/

2018 saw appreciation for winter https://www.julieleoni.com/blog/be-here-now/thank-you-winter/  and 2020 was really written for all those people who had suffered a bereavement and dreading all the ‘Happy Christmas’ stuff https://www.julieleoni.com/blog/thinking-differently/the-perfect-christmas-card/

In 2021 I wrote about how changing our perspective can change everything https://www.julieleoni.com/blog/inspiration/perspective/ and then a post from this year, which hasn’t yet gone out by email yet, is about how it isn’t winter that made me SAD, but having to work through daylight hours. https://www.julieleoni.com/blog/stories/it-wasnt-winter/

So, maybe something for where you are at this year? I thought I’d end with a list of coaching questions I created in 2019 (6 weeks before covid surfaced, weirdly).  I might actually work through these myself this New Year https://www.julieleoni.com/blog/endings/2019-review/

2022 hasn’t been the easiest of years, in so many ways so what ever you are doing, be kind to yourself. Be gentle and rest (I’ve read 2 books in 3 days and loving it!).

Thank you all of you who read these blogs, whether you are new to them or have been with me for the last decade.  I know time is short and there is so much vying for your attention, so I greatly appreciate any time you spend with me.  Go well, keep well.



•How was your year?
• What were the significant learnings, events, experiences, people, places?
•What have been your successes?
• What has changed?
• What did you enjoy?
• What has been planted and is waiting to grow?
• What has died and needs mourning?
• How is your health? What could you do to make it even better?
• How are your finances and what could you do differently in 2020?
• What has been hard this year and what did you learn from it?
• Which behaviours have not served you this year?
• Which behaviours have served you well this year?
• What do you regret?
• How did you waste time?
• When was time well spent?
• Who were the people who energised you?
• And drained you?
• Which of your dreams came true?
• If this year were a book, what would the title be?
• If this year were a colour, what colour would it be?
• What would be your soundtrack to 2019?
• What was your animal this year? Which animal drew you? Which animal did you most feel like?
• Who were your most important role models, elders and wise people this year? Real, imaginary, digital?
• What do you have to be grateful for?
• What do you wish you had known at the start of the year that you now know?
• What was the single most meaningful moment of the year for you?
• What are the questions I haven’t asked that you want to ask?

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Thanks for being here.