Do you think that it is possible that we are frogs boiling in water?

Not noticing how our windscreens are no longer bug splattered on balmy summer evenings

Not noticing how our waking hours are more spent on screens than with soil beneath our fingernails as we plant seeds in mulch and gather the fruits of our toil

Not noticing the fires here, the floods there, the hurricanes shaking people like match sticks from their houses

Not noticing the fissures cracking between them and us

Not noticing how tired and anxious our children are, how lost, confused and futureless

Not noticing how engines have replaced the blackbird’s morning call

Not noticing the factory farming of the elderly in cushioned knackers yards

Not noticing the crumbling of honour and integrity as long as there is pantomime and drama to keep us angry and misdirected.

Do you think we will notice in time to escape

the boiling cauldron

of our vanities?


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