As I move on in this new phase, and feel more and more aware of the natural world More and more I’m thinking that the way we can move forward out of lock-down and COVID-19 is by falling in love with the earth.

I was interviewed about how nature can improve our mental health (not my best facial expression ever but Phillip asked some really great questions and I’m really happy with the content is useful:

Then as I sat in my hammock today, having seen an owl on my morning walk this morning, I recorded this about why I think falling in love with earth will help us sniff our way forward to a more sustainable, healthy life.

How do you fancy having a chat with me about how this strange time has changed/is changing you or how you would like to change it?  I’m thinking of making some really simple podcast conversations so we can all share where we are at and be inspired by each other.  Get in touch here.

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