Book – Into The Woods

As some of you may have seen on Facebook, I’ve had an exciting week.  On Tuesday I lunched with my editor Kate Taylor from Middle Farm Press, on Friday Booka Bookshop agreed to help with the book launch and yesterday morning I met with the skilful and energetic illustrator Anita and watched as she created … Read more

Retreats and workshops

This is less of a blog than an information sharing post because I’m now running more retreats, Red Tents and workshops.  I have added an Events page to the site which I will keep up to date.

I’ve been running Red Tents in Oswestry since September and I’m running one in Ledbury in December 1st. … Read more

Yoga – the facts

I’m hoping to start my yoga teacher training in 2018 so that I can use it in the schools I work in and so was reading The Science of Yoga (see link below) over last weekend.

On the Psychologies Magazine blog site I wrote about the 13 ways that I had found that yoga had … Read more

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