I don’t know why

I’m confused about stuff.  Why? I have so many questions I don’t know the answer to.    Answers on a post-card please.


Why don’t we all acknowledge how tough Christmas can be?  We know it’s when divorce rates and rates of domestic abuse peak so how come we are still buying the perfect family fiction?  … Read more

Kids and Technology

‘I hate you.  You ruin my life!’

Not the ideal start to a rainy afternoon.

I’ve ruined his life because we don’t have a PS4 in our house nor does he have a phone of his own, or any social media accounts.  This means that he can’t socialise with his friends because they are all … Read more

Darkness to Light – Into The Woods

Darkness to Light

Over the summer holidays, I worked with a group of people who had experienced something traumatic together.  We worked in a group to start off with, just listening to how everyone was feeling, and then I followed up with one to one sessions.

To start off with the work was focused on … Read more

Thank You

Thank you

Thank you for being here.  You are one of the 69 people who opted in to stay after the GDPR emails and I really appreciate it.

I had a moment of; ‘have I done the right thing’ when subscriptions dived from over 500.  Should I have just assumed people wanted to stay on … Read more

There is enough

Minus 5 degrees.

The Beast from the East.

We are feeding the birds in the snow.

It is a pleasure to watch them as we are eating.

We are lucky humans.  We have enough to eat and we are warm.  Not all humans are so lucky.

Nor all birds.

I have brought bird seed so … Read more

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Why don’t you unsubscribe from this blog if you get it via email?

Honestly.  I don’t mind if you do.

All you do is scroll down to the ‘unsubscribe’ link and click on it.unsubscribe




Then you will go through to a page which looks like this and you just click ‘unsubscribe’ and … Read more

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