There is enough

Minus 5 degrees.

The Beast from the East.

We are feeding the birds in the snow.

It is a pleasure to watch them as we are eating.

We are lucky humans.  We have enough to eat and we are warm.  Not all humans are so lucky.

Nor all birds.

I have brought bird seed so … Read more

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Why don’t you unsubscribe from this blog if you get it via email?

Honestly.  I don’t mind if you do.

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One Step at a Time

This has been my year of making steps.  It started the weekend of my 50th birthday celebrations and now is at the ‘minor improvements’ stage.

I have lived at this house for many years but my relationship with the river bank has really changed in the last 12 months.  It started when the access we … Read more

Ant- wisdom from Warner Bros on the power of diversity

The kids and I were watching The Ant Bully, or rather, I was doing yoga whilst half watching it.  We’ve seen it before, but after 3 months of dark nights we are running out of new viewing.

This time, there was a scene that stuck with me so the next day I transcribed it … Read more

You have a choice

The kids and I have just been watching the nature series on the BBC about Thailand which focuses on the link between humans, spirituality as well as nature.  We were watching a woman wading through lotus fields when youngest son asked why the lotus is part of Buddhism.

The commentary explained it as; ‘out of … Read more


This morning I was woken by the blackbird rather than the alarm; how different it feels to wake up with nature and when my body is ready to rather than the usual forcing of wakefulness in line with the social norms that demand we be in work.

I heard someone on the radio the other … Read more

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