Our heroes

James Bond, Jason Bourne, Thor, Odysseus.  We love heroes, all cultures do.  Jung talked about the collective unconscious, a unifying network across time and space where certain archetypes are ubiquitous and the hero is one of them.

Joseph Campbell identified the stages of the hero’s journey; the call to adventure, the quest; overcoming … Read more

and so the myths crumble…


I did really badly in my A’ levels.  Why I ever did  French (E) and German (D) is another story, but English I loved and did well in.  Not well enough to go to a university like many of my grammar school friends, but the then Sunderland Poly, now university.

There was a

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Covid diaries from around the world – 20th March 2020

I want to know

I’m a bugger for it.  I want to know how this virus really is for people living with it day to day all everywhere so I got in touch with friends and asked:

How are things with you? How’s the virus situation over where you are? I want to write

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Creating Communities that Care through Covid-19

Schools will close

So..by the time you read this the decision may have been made, if not I strongly predict that schools will be closed by the end of the week and that we will be in ‘lock down’ and told to ‘socially distance’.  Already, many corporates have had their employees working from home and … Read more

Covid-19 – Think For Yourself

Milgram’s famous study of obedience found that 65% of people would kill another person, knowingly, if someone who they thought had higher status than them, told them to.  You can watch the full documentary of his research here.  He coined the term ‘agentic control’.  Every year when I teach this to my A level … Read more

How to build a new identity

My New Year post was all about the different roles I have played and was starting to think about the roles I’d like to play in the next decade.

I was talking to someone at a cross-roads in their life and got to thinking about identity and where we get it and what it means.… Read more

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