Covid and Change

The survey

I sent out a survey via LinkedIn and my Facebook groups and friends and there were 56 replies. Everyone filled in all 3 questions in differing amount of details. The replies were anonymous.  The sample is not representative of the population as replies came from my own networks.  I didn’t ask for information Read more

roller-coaster corona-coaster

Roller-coaster/ Corona- coaster: the ups and downs of emotions caused by covid-19.

Oh yes.

Intense loneliness even though I live with people.

Exhaustion when I have done nothing.

Fuzzy thinking.

Seeing things much more clearly.

Old grief emerging.




Lack of joy.


More creativity, less creativity.




I think … Read more

The many stories of covid

I’ve always been a reader and a writer filling exercise books of horse and ballet stories when I was young.  But it was when my parents got divorced that I learned for myself, what I would later learn to be postmodernism, deconstructivism at university.  I learned from my parents that there were multiple narratives.


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I’m no hero

I wrote a blog the other day about how the ‘hero’ narrative was bothering me and here’s a reply I had from an ex-service man.

“I served in the RAF for 25 years and that included fighting  in a war.

Please don’t call me a hero. I understand that you want to say thank you … Read more


Our heroes

James Bond, Jason Bourne, Thor, Odysseus.  We love heroes, all cultures do.  Jung talked about the collective unconscious, a unifying network across time and space where certain archetypes are ubiquitous and the hero is one of them.

Joseph Campbell identified the stages of the hero’s journey; the call to adventure, the quest; overcoming … Read more

and so the myths crumble…


I did really badly in my A’ levels.  Why I ever did  French (E) and German (D) is another story, but English I loved and did well in.  Not well enough to go to a university like many of my grammar school friends, but the then Sunderland Poly, now university.

There was a

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