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Deep winter wonderings, wanderings – What’s your thing: a podcast episode with Parcifal Solomon

When I first met Parcifal, we were in his grandma’s garden, studying each other from afar, silently.  He had/ has the most arresting blue eyes and was much younger than me.  Our fathers are cousins.  We didn’t meet again for many decades and when we did we clicked and talked but it has really been … Read more

What’s your thing? – Podcast episode – Michael Sclater – curing depression through love

Michael Sclater is a sufi, a psycotherapist, tennis playing, house building, walking, thinking friend.  When he was my therapist he used to laugh at my suffering in such a way that made me feel such compassion and kindness at the pain of being human that I began to be kind to myself in the way … Read more