What do the kids say about covid?

I had this really great idea, that I wanted to find out what the young people were thinking and feeling about all this.

So I went to my perfectly articulate and literate boys to see what they could offer and they rolled their eyes at another mad mother interlude and flatly refused.  Interestingly, I sent

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Covid diaries from around the world – 23rd March 2020

So, after a weekend where many people ignored the instructions to stay home and socially distance and instead went to their caravans, to the pubs, to the beaches and mountains, what can we learn from Madrid, Germany and China who are ahead of us in this?  Thank you to the Philippa in Madrid, Iain in … Read more

My Covid Diary – 21st March 2020

What a week

I woke up this morning at 5am as the birds started calling, thinking about how I should chop up the peppers to freeze them so they don’t go to waste.

It’s hard even to know where to start.

What a week.

For us all.

I spent most of last weekend reading and … Read more

Covid diaries from around the world – 20th March 2020

I want to know

I’m a bugger for it.  I want to know how this virus really is for people living with it day to day all everywhere so I got in touch with friends and asked:

How are things with you? How’s the virus situation over where you are? I want to write

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Stories to De-isolate

Last week I wrote about how we are going to relationships therapy.

Why write about something so personal?

The answer came from Martin Sheen who was talking about his political and social work during his interview on the podcast ‘On Being’  and said that stories ‘de-isolate’.  He talked about how through his film work … Read more


On reading Nikita Gill

Oh! What a relief

To find myself,

My life,

Reflected back at me

In poetry;

Without the corsets

Of manned constraints,

Unlaced to let me breath.

I can freely exhale

At last,

And see

My own experience

Reflected back at me.


All those years at school learning the lines of … Read more

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