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Let me not complain

If I were a pray-er, I would pray: ‘Let me not complain’

Let me not complain about my increased car diesel, heating oil, electricity costs.

Instead I will walk instead of drive

Zoom instead of travel far

Wear an extra layer of clothes to  keep warm

Have shorter showers, fewer baths

appreciate the fuel I … Read more

Head, hand, heart, earth

I was born learning.

We were all born learning.

A friend who is the deputy head of a large primary and junior school told me sadly that when the children arrive in the education system, they are like sponges; open, curious, questioning, learning is as air.  By the time they leave, they are bored, anxious … Read more

They aren’t listening

We have watched three things in the last few weeks all of which see the earth destroyed.  Di Caprio’s allegory called Don’t Look Up is about scientists who see an asteroid heading towards earth while the politicians obfuscate, manipulate and serve their own interests (which of course, could never happen in real life). Moonfall, … Read more

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