Blended Families

A couple of weeks I wrote about my experience of the start of going to relationship therapy.  I’m exhausted after each session from the emotion of it all but actually the ‘aha’ moments are coming in the spaces between the sessions and one of my ‘aha’ moments is about blended families.  To understand why … Read more

Stories to De-isolate

Last week I wrote about how we are going to relationships therapy.

Why write about something so personal?

The answer came from Martin Sheen who was talking about his political and social work during his interview on the podcast ‘On Being’  and said that stories ‘de-isolate’.  He talked about how through his film work … Read more

We’re Going To Relationship Therapy

I wrote, some blogs ago, about how immersed I was in Esther Perel.  One of the things which stood out for me was how she felt she had been in several marriages; to the same man.  Gabor Mate (who is my latest listening/reading obsession) says he has been married 8 times to the … Read more

Esther Perel and thriving long term relationships

I am in love again.  I have such a girl crush on Esther Perel.  I can’t stop talking to people about her.  As I talked about in last week’s blog, she is changing my life (well, she and the horses together).

Some of you might not need to read this…you might be in a … Read more

Why I may not be a fuck up after all

I have just had an aha moment!

Realisation one – I am not a relationship fuck up, I’ve just been telling myself the wrong story.

I was driving into school, listening to yet more Esther Perel and thinking about my own relationship trajectory.

I am divorced and I come from a long line of divorcees.  … Read more

Proud Parents

Parents evenings are part of any parent’s life, and, of course, any teacher’s, and I have been to many in my life, on both sides of the table.

But a recent parents evening, one where I was ‘the teacher’, really moved me.

Two fathers really had an impact on me.  All the parents were lovely … Read more

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