Name and Train your Ego

Lovely Man bought me a mini-ipod thingy for my birthday so I can listen to my personal development stuff on long journeys (needless to say, only when I’m alone as he would roll his eyes and kids would revolt!).

So I’ve been listening to Sonia Choquette and I loved this idea of hers.

I’m guessing … Read more


I should know better, really I should. I wrote a whole book; Love Being Me, as a result of time off work with stress…but it’s so hard to spot.

There are two types of stress, as my A level psychology group are in the process of finding out (Thanks to SH for doing the … Read more

‘Fear is the mind killer..’ (and how we scare ourselves)

Youngest son asked me to write this one…about the praying mantis….seen above.

Youngest son and Praying Mantis have spent a long moments of intimate contact together on the beach since we’ve been here.  I don’t know if it’s the same Mantis we’ve met twice, or two different ones, but both are big friends with Youngest.… Read more

Bananas, Harry Potter, depression and guilt

Hasn’t it been hot tonight? In fact, we even had to hide from the sun after yesterday’s hours by the lake, at the local sports and then watching The Crucible wrapped in our blankets in the open air…one of those golden days I’d like to bottle.

Memories are so important.  In the year after the … Read more

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