What a mad few weeks…I just need to share it with you as it’s so exciting!

When I was younger I imagined that I was in control of things. I thought I could control my thoughts by meditating…but actually all I did was became more aware of them.

I thought that I could control my bonkers-ness ( a technical term for what Freud called neurosis) by having years of therapy, but now I just recognise my insecurities as they occur.

I thought I could control my children – ha!  Anyone who ever had kids or knows how much of it really is nature (as a 1980s feminist, I never thought I’d write that!).

The older I get the less I realise I’m in control of…and I LOVE it!

Life is so much better at controlling things than I am!  I don’t have to work so hard at things. When I just keep putting energy into the the direction I want to head, Life does the rest.

Let me give you some examples:

When I did my coaching course with Kim Morgan at Barefoot Coaching I decided that I wanted to  ‘do work that I love, with people that I love, in places that I love earn good money’. I didn’t know how to achieve that, but I knew it was my dream.

So I did take actions (writing the book, getting small business advice, learning how to blog!) and I did that by doing one thing at a time. So that was my contribution to my dream.

And the Life makes it’s own contribution.  So at the end of a trip south at Easter, I got a phone call as I was making the four hour drive home with my two boys.  I pulled over and called back to find it was Radio Shropshire asking if I could talk for a few minutes about how to keep children quiet on long journeys!  What perfect timing.

Then we stopped for a break at my friend’s house an email arrived from Woman Magazine asking if they could interview me about their feature You Only Live Once (I fitted in because of the divorce).  I was stunned and when I asked how they had found me, it turned out it was through this blog..the one I’ve only just learned to write in the last year.

They wanted photos and I only had the holiday snap you see above (taken of course at our holistic holiday venue; Kalikalos).

Now it just so happens that I’d invested in myself and had a business coaching session with Janey Lee Grace and she’d said my web site needed a photo of me looking at the camera so that people could see who they were getting!  I’m quite shy so the idea of having proper photos taken was horrible and I’d avoided it until Woman Magazine motivated me to do it..and so any minute now the photos should appear on the site thanks to Kev Llewellyn.

So how random is all that?  I couldn’t have made Woman Magazine find my blog, nor could I have made Radio Shropshire phone me to talk about traveling with kids, just as I was traveling with kids!  And I would have avoided those photos for as long as I could, but now they’re done, it feels ok!

Randomness happens in small ways, as well as public ways.  We were in the garden yesterday (finally after all that snow!) and having a bonfire.  The nettles are low so we could see the old canoe that I was given over 12 years ago and have never used. ‘Let’s get rid of this’ says he. ‘How?’ says I.  He suggested a note on the canoe by the back gate. I suggested we chalk on it and that if it wasn’t gone from the back gate by the weekend then it was to go to freecycle. So out it went with ‘Free to a good home’ boldly chalked on it and thinking no more of it, I went to put the kids to bed.

Less than an hour later, the canoe was gone!  I looked in the garden and the road expecting it to be some kind of joke, but it really was gone!  Now this was no small canoe. It was a two-seater, old, heavy, long fibre glass canoe..not the kind of thing that you can just pick up and walk off with, or put in a normal car come to that.

But it was gone! How cool is that!  That within an hour of the canoe being outside the gate, not only did someone pass who wanted it,but that  the someone  either lives very close by or must have had a pick up truck or van to fit it in!  Perfect timing!

Finally, He has been talking about getting a dog, but what would we do with it while we are in Kalikalos?  Then out of the blue, without prompting, a friend has texted to say she’ll have it (when/if we get one!). Again, we could never have controlled that, would never have asked, but the offer arrived!

So, I salute randomness and it’s perfect timing, it’s knowing just what we need, just when we need it, and the gentle humour of it all.

  • What are the random events in your life which are helping you move in the direction you want to go?
  • Look out for and notice when random events conspire to do you good.

it’s all good fun!

Take care







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