Thank you winter

For glowing fire and wood-smoke,

For bonfires spiraling into the early fall of dusk,

For early nights with hot water-bottles wrapped up tight,

For long hot baths, scented lavender,

For time to read, to play cards, to find myself beaten at Scrabble.

Thank you for hot drinks, warming food, clothes which drape and cloak.

Thank you for more family time together,

For the piano playing, the dreaming up of summer plans.

Thank you for the shutting of the door at night and the early pyjama-lounging time of outside demands shut out.

Thank you for the sharp crisp air, etching the stars so brightly into the inky black of night,

For the joy of the low sun, casting shadows, making puppets of the naked trees.

Thank you for the tingling as my fingers thaw from windscreen scraping

And for the frosty inhale, the warmer exhale, inviting me into this moment now.

Thank you winter for this time to reflect and review,

To slow down, to rest,

To shed my leaves and hibernate, cutting away all but the essential, curious to see what the spring will grow.

Thank you winter, I welcome you in,

We have found our peace together,

For the first time, I feel at home in you.

Thank you winter.


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