Into the Woods

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“Into the Woods ingeniously combines self-help with magic and fantasy. This nurturing collection of tales shines light on dark, seldom spoken about experiences to create a healing, informing and empowering resource.”

All profits go to charity. Available to pre-order. (Paperback)

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“Powerful, engaging, thought-provoking, brave, inspiring.”

“These stories are spell-binding. They draw us into tales with beginnings middles and endings; harsh legacies and histories; painful recovery and hopeful futures.   Through the genre of the Fairy Story and by drawing characteristic of the princesses, lost girls, heroines, wolves and beasts from stories told to us as children, Into The Woods succeeds in helping us to understand something very important about the vulnerability and cruelty of human nature, which often go hand in hand.”

“Retelling classic stories isn’t something new however, it takes a highly talented author to take real life examples of modern day abuse, co-dependence and domestic violence rewrite them as classic fairy tales.”

Into The Woods does not invite us to judge either the men or the women.  Instead it takes us though life journeys of dashed hopes, danger, and fear; of untold human suffering and despair of the kind that far too many women experience.”

“May these tales provide courage, hope and an opportunity for change and in doing so awaken future generations of women to their full potential”

One in four women will experience domestic abuse in their life time.

Two women a week are killed by their partners.

It is rarely talked about.

Enough is enough.

Into the Woods is a collection of fairy stories based on interviews with women who have lived with and escaped from abusive relationships.  Women who wanted to turn their dark experience into something good, to help other women, to protect other families, to let other victims know things can be different.

Let’s start talking about domestic abuse here and now.  All profits from the print version of the book will go to domestic abuse charities.

If you are domestic abuse charity please get in touch for how to use the book to fund raise.