Periods are political

Thank you to everyone who came to the Red Tent this week…it felt very special to be talking about the thing that we never talk about. Our periods.

We told our menstrual stories; when we started, how we felt about starting our journey into womanhood and how the start of our menses changed how some … Read more

Red Tent

Last night was the first gathering of the Oswestry Red Tent and it was amazing.

There were 13 women, of all ages, most of whom only knew one other person, if anyone at all and yet through the evening there were some deep connections, reflections, laughter and tears. With strangers.  Such intimacy.

Because it was … Read more

Mother Threw New Born – Who cares?

I spotted this headline outside our village shop and saw red.

The story in The Advertiser told of how a 31 year old woman who threw her newborn baby out of the window.

She had kept her ‘unwanted pregnancy’ ‘a secret’ and had ‘had expressed a desire to kills both herself and her unborn … Read more

Women’s Wisdom – How we create magic in the world.

Where and how do we connect with wisdom?

I know one man who is a sufi and goes on retreats in the Alps for a week.

I know some men who make a monthly commitment to running a sweat-lodge.

I have met a swami who travels the world sharing his meditations and wisdom.

I know … Read more

Me Me Me and The European Cup

This blog goes out to all those people whose house has been invaded by the European Cup, to all the football widows, all the mums with sons who just don’t get what it’s all about but watch it anyway, to all the brothers, sisters, dads, uncles and grandparents who feel like they can’t escape the … Read more

Men and Women – Our Achilles Heels

men and women

I want to share a long held belief with you about men and women to see what you think.

I think that men and women have unconscious beliefs which hold us back from being authentically us.

Transactional Analysis uses the concept of Driver Behaviours, which are unconscious behaviours which sometimes serve us and sometimes don’t.… Read more

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