Once upon a time there was a woman who had worked really hard and done all the right things.  In the eyes of the world her life looked happy; a nice life, with nice work and nice friends and family and yet inside the woman felt sad and alone. Julie Leoni

Every day she would wake up and put on her nice clothes (which didn’t seem to suit or fit her any more) and go about her necessary life (which didn’t seem to nurture and excite her any more) and she would meet her nice friends (who didn’t seem to understand her any more) before falling into her bed and into a dreamless sleep.

She felt restless, irritable, ungrateful and confused.  On the outside, she had roles to play which she knew well; mother, wife, partner, sister, worker, friend, daughter and yet on the inside she no longer knew who she was.  She cried, ate badly, and felt tired beyond all reason.  She felt stuck and alone and didn’t know what to do.

As the winter nights drew in, she started to withdraw. She pruned and cut back. She cried and read. She rested, feeling lost in the fog.  She breathed slowly and deeply and watched the hearth fire burn and the candle wax melt.  She waited. She watched. She listened to a still, small voice inside her whispering, calling, guiding.

At first she didn’t understand it’s call.  She didn’t speak it’s tongue, it was no more than the rustle of autumn leaves on the trees. But as the winter winds grew and growled around the house, so too did her inner voice gain courage and insisted on being heard.  It guided her, reassured her, drew her on and reminded her of all she had forgotten she was, of all that she could be, of all that she would be and dreamed of being.

And as the snowdrops peaked their snow-capped heads out of the earth, so too did she, stretch and reach to the warming sun, feeling the sap rising through her veins, long forgotten, re-awakened, tingling and thawed. Gazing, dazzled around her she saw the first steps of the path that she knew was hers to tread.

Reaching out to take her first wobbling steps into the sharp blue light, the arms of guardians reached out to steady her, reassure her and remind her: ‘Listen within my child, for it is inside your soul that you will find your gold, your truth, your guidance, your wisdom.  We are here to walk with you and you will find your way’.

And so we leave her stepping forward, looking inward, connecting downward to the earth, upward to the sun and inward toward her hearts-voice and call.

‘Telling stories is the way the wisdom gets passed along. The stuff that helps us to live a life worth remembering.’

— Rachel Naomi Remen

This is my story.  Is it yours too?

When I came out of the woods and into the light I could see that the next step on my journey is to help you move forward on yours.  So now I’m working with people deeply and individually by offering them retreats for their souls because the more of us who can connect with our own truth and that deeper, wiser knowing, the more loving I believe our world will be.

Let me help you chose ingredients from the menu to concoct a potion for your soul. Give me a call on 07971 991501 to tell me how you are feeling and together we will mix the balm that your soul needs.

I’m still the sum of all my other parts (if you want to find out more about my journey to date / CV follow the link).  I feel like more and more, I’m moving inwards, towards being more me, more the person I was meant to be before I got caught up in being who I ought to be. Everything has a purpose and we can choose to learn and grow from all our experiences to bring us into our fullest wisdom so that we can be our most authentic and radiant selves.

I look forward to connecting with you.


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